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Don Cartland

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04/18/13 04:32 PM #3    

Dale Steffens

Doug Goodwillie , Bob Vernon , and I helped carry Don to his final rest . Too young , too quick , from S.I.U. to Vietnam Nam and back home seemed to take only a couple months . We had some laughs . While not the biggest or most skilled football player , he definitely came to play .

06/08/13 01:36 PM #4    

H Stephen Dahlquist

I knew Don from an early age thru church and of course thru school.  I was also in Vietnam at that time and came across Don's name on the casualty report.  Had lost touch after graduation but am pleased to see that he was attended by three good guys that I also remember well.  I too have honored his name on the Wall in DC several times over the years.

06/09/13 02:57 PM #5    

Doug Goodwillie

Don was one of a kind, funny as hell and a great guy.  He had a lantern jaw, receding hairline and five o'clock shadow in seventh grade. A typical parental reaction to bringing him home for the first time was, "Who's that man with you?" He was also pretty much fearless regarding what he said or did. That was true on the street, the football field and I imagine carried over to his service in Viet Nam. If I remember correctly, his brother Bob told us that he was walking point when he was fatally shot by a sniper. It's been a long time but I think of Don frequently and vivid recollections always bring a smile to my face!

06/10/13 12:06 PM #6    

Robert L Mitchell

Another commrade from the Vietnam War. I didn't know Don well, but it's always sad to have lost a classmate in that war. Robert Mitchell

06/11/13 11:20 AM #7    

Tom Mouhelis

i saw his name at the dedication, too many on the wall.  major tom mouhelis usaf retired

06/13/13 04:07 PM #8    

Randy Lewis

I very much appreciate everything that has been shared about Don.  I returned from Vietnam in early August, 1969 and went to visit my favorite teacher Gerry Greer in mid September. I was stunned to see posted at the high school a notice that Don had been killed on September 5, 1969 serving with the 25th Divison in the Mekong Delta, not an easy place to be with the constant rain and patrolling in rice paddies and water all the time, let along the Viet Cong.  He was an E-6 Staff Sergeant, which was a pretty amazing accomplishment for a young 24 year soldier.  I wish I had known him better, but honor his memory and sacrifice.  God bless his soul.

06/14/13 11:14 AM #9    

Doug Goodwillie

Randy, I agree. The fact that he made E6 so quickly certainly says a lot about what kind of soldier Don was. I appreciate knowing this and I'll say that I'm not at all surprised! Thanks!

06/14/13 12:02 PM #10    

Judy McMahon (Almquist)

It's time to hear from a "girl" about Don. He was a hoot! We had lots of laugh in school and at many parties ( probably at my house). All of the comments are as true as can be. He was always in a good mood or he was very good at faking it. I couldn't believe it when I heard of his death. He was truly a good friend to all. Heaven must have been in great need of a fun guy to take him so early.

07/28/13 12:13 PM #11    

Bill Ring

Don and I were good friends from the 4th grade at Emerson thru S.I.U. When we were too young to drive his brother Bob sometimes chauffeured us on double dates. Doug's prior comment about "that man" is an understatement. Don was our go to guy for the purchase of certain beverages because he was never carded. The following may seem extreme but it's true. During her lifetime, my grown daughter has seen me cry only twice: Once at my mother's funeral and again when we traveled to D.C. where I read Don's name on The Wall. 

10/07/20 12:45 PM #12    

Bill Ring

Don's photo is not shown here but click on "Grade School Pics" and scroll down to "Emerson 2". Don is at upper left, I'm next to him.

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