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Residing In Greenbelt, MD USA
Spouse/Partner Divorced
Homepage Reside in Greenbelt
MD (Washington D.C. area)
Occupation Teacher, Writer, Actor
Children Daughter: Schalah, born 1973
Military Service Army: combat helicopter pilot  

After HS I attended the U of ILL as a student of architecture--2years, then a 2-year apprenticeship before being drafted.
BSc Mathematics / teaching certification, Elmhurst College
Service in the Vietnam War: Combat Helicopter Pilot
27 years teaching secondary school, math, English, history
Author 3 books:
NURTURING THE SOULS OF OUR CHILDREN: Education and the Culture of Democracy (2005);
Two-volume memoir of my service in Vietnam as a combat helicopter pilot, and my 12-year odyssey of healing, transformation and reintegration after the war. NOT just another war story but a REAL adventure. I had the opportunity to live in Germany, France, Greece, Tunisia, Mexico and Morocco.
JOURNEY TO MYRTOS: Vietnam to Crete--Healing the Wounds of War (2011);
THE TRIAL OF THE INITIATE: Transforming the Warrior Spirit (2012)
See for synopsis and reviews of these books.
Currently, I am retired from teaching and acting again (I was 1963 class actor):
short film 2011 "From Hell to Here" ( A Vietnam Vet battles PTSD / drama / lead role)
To Kill a Mockingbird, professional theater 2012

School Story

Great times working with English teacher, Jim Eitrem, on all the school plays. Jim was still there when I returned to OPRF HS as a math teacher briefly 1984-86, before moving to California.
As some of you who attended the services at Postlewait Funeral Home, across Lake Street from the High School, may remember, my mother died during finals week our freshman year. I returned to school the following day having to take my Biology final. Mr Fordyce put me in his office to take the multiple choice exam, behind the storeroom that was behind the classroom, and closed the door. "Inadvertently" he left the door between the classroom and the storeroom open. He was in the classroom grading freshman biology finals with his seniors. "34-C", "35-A", "36-B" and so on, I heard him call out the seniors grading tests, in an unusually strong voice. Some little moments of compassion and kindness you just never forget.

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