Grade School Pics

These photos are in chronological order (latest posts at the bottom).

 Irving Kindergarten


Irving 1ST Grade

Irving 8th Grade


Beye Kindergarten

Beye 8th GRade


River Forest 8th Grade


River Forest 8th Grade-Homeroom 102

River Forest 8th Grade-Homeroom 202

River Forest 8th Grade-Homeroom 204

River Forest 8th Grade-Homeroom 206

Longfellow Kindergarten

Longfellow 8th Grade, part I

Longfellow 8th Grade, part II

Whittier Kindergarten Part I

Whittier Kindergarten Part II

Wittier 8th Grade Part I

Wittier 8th Grade Part II

Wittier 8th Grade Faculty

Cub Scouts

Back row: John Howie, Wayne Nelson, Joe DePinto;
Front row: Alan Hagstrom, James Dawson, (unknown ), Lucien Courtney
Small world:  James Dawson moved from OP before high school.  He and James Heitsch were tennis teammates at the University of Illinois.

Hawthorne 8th Grade Part I

Hawthorne 8th Grade Part II

Hawthorne 8th Grade namesEmerson 8th grade 1Emerson 8th Grade 2

Emerson 8th Grade Names 1

Emerson 8th Grade Names 2