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Chris Hanson

Chris Hanson

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06/16/13 04:07 PM #1    

Cynthia Gundlach (Ashley)

Chris and I went all through Longfellow together.  I especially remember him as our birthdays were one day apart.  Mine was Oct. 11 and Chris' was Oct. 12, Christopher Columbus' birthday - thus his first name, Christopher.  He was a nice, quiet and gentile fellow.  I am not sure that he died in 1963, but maybe so.  But I do remember being shocked to see his obituary in the Oak Leaves when I was home for the summer after at least one year of college.  I recall he had felt ill in the spring and when he got home from school, he was checked out by the doctor.  He had leukemia, was hospitalized and was dead in like a few weeks.  So that would have had to been 1964 or later.  Either way he was a nice guy. 

06/17/13 09:27 AM #2    

Elaine Haertel (Allen)

Chris sat behind me in Homeroom and was always quiet and pleasant.  He was very calming to be around.    So far it looks like we lost 6 from our homeroom.  

06/17/13 10:28 AM #3    

Dawn Kormos (Snuggerud)

I didn't meet Chris until the beach party in Indiana after classes were over our senior year. He drove us there and seemed like a nice guy. He ended up going to the same college as I did - Rockford College. I don't hink he was there over a year but he didn't died until sometime after 1963.

09/13/13 10:56 PM #4    

Michael A Larocque

I knew Chris Hanson when we attended Longfellow School together.  He and his cousin, Craig Shoup, walked home along Jackson Blvd. as I did so I got to know them both, and I became friends with Chris.  He was a quiet, but friendly and fun person.  He was the younger son of an older couple who were very, very nice, and welcoming, but I think somewhat protective of Chris. They lived across the street from a park at Jackson Blvd. and Oak Park Avenue.  In the winter the baseball field in the park was flooded to create an ice skating rink, like most parks in Oak Park. On Friday nights in the winter I remember being invited to stay over night so Chris and I could have a full night of fun skating.  We would skate unil we were exhausted and cold. Then we would go back across the street to his house to warm up and watch TV, while enjoying popcorn his mom had made for us, and delicious Seven-Up provided to quench our thirst.  It was a lot of fun!

I lost touch with Chris in high school.  But I was shocked when I heard of his passing at such a young age.  He was a kind and gentle person, and a good friend. 

02/28/16 02:39 PM #5    

William Shapiro

Chris and Craig Shoup, his cousin were friends in high school.  At the time, i was attending Harvard Concregational Church in South Oak Park.  At the time, the Harvard Congregational Church was undergoing a change and was calling itself "the United Church of Christ in South Oak Park."  Both Chris and Craig were liberal as far as their religion was concerned.  I followed them to the "Third Unitarian Church of Austin, Chicago" and actually brought my parents with me.  The Pastor at "The Third" was E. T. Bruehrer.  He was genius and a very warm-hearted individual.  Chris's death was way too early.  He had so much more to give.


02/29/16 11:48 AM #6    

Murray Chalmers

I went to grammar school and high school with Chris. I remember many Friday evenings in 7th and 8th grade playing penny ante poker in his basement. Chris was a fun loving yet quiet individual. I remember the sadness and shock to hear of his passing after freshman year of college. 



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