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Douglas Hunt

Douglas Hunt

It is with great sadness that I report the death of Doug Hunt last Saturday, October 24, after a sudden, massive heart attack. Doug was blessed with a creative, nimble mind; at the time of his death he was working in Boston on cutting edge technology projects with co-workers half his age. Despite his renown in technical and musical spheres, what most defined Doug was his kind and thougtful manner. He never changed. He leaves his wife, Holly, and two college age children. His mom, age 100, told me there will be a memorial service at First United Church in Oak Park at a future, undetermined date.                                                        

Dick Martens


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10/27/15 08:57 PM #5    

Linda Danly

Thank you, Dick, for letting us know about our dear Doug.  And he was dear in every way, in his kindness, his friendliness, talent, humor, originality and so much more.  I first met him in 7th grade.  He sat next to me and doodled cartoons, usually Donald Duck, making faces while he did it.  We sang together in choirs and ensembles for years.  He was a great person with a gracious personality.  I'm so glad to have shared happy times together and will think warm thoughts about him always. - Linda

10/27/15 09:17 PM #6    

Arlene Skala (Grosso)

I am so saddened at the death of Doug Hunt.  He will always be "Dougie" Hunt to me since kindergarten at Roosevelt School. He was the happiest and kindest person I've ever met. He would be the first to cheer you up if he sensed you were having a "bad" day. I fondly remember ice skating in his back yard along with the neighborhood kiids and his many siblings. His Mother was a Saint.....always so calm. Dougie was Blessed with a beautiful singing voice could feel that he LOVED to sing even if you closed your eyes and just listened! I'm sure he is leading the Angel Choir in an incredibly beautiful place. Sing on, Dougie!!!!!!  My sincere sympathy to his wife and children. I will keep his entire family in my prayers. And thank you Mary Bopp for posting those great pictures of the reunion. We were all laughing so much at the end of the evening!!!!

10/28/15 02:55 PM #7    

Suzanne Meyer (Perry)

Doug was a wonderful, kind person.  He will be missed.

10/28/15 08:50 PM #8    

Nancy Lumkes (McCracken)

Doug had a song in his heart and a twinkle in his eye.  He will be missed.  Nancy McCracken

12/27/15 06:29 PM #9    

Richard Martens

A memorial service celebrating Doug Hunt's life will be held at 3:00 pm on Saturday, January 9, 2016 at First United Church of Oak Park, 848 Lake Street, Oak Park (corner of Kenilworth and Lake).                                                               

Dick Martens


12/28/15 10:38 AM #10    

Edward Carlson

I will miss my friend Doug for all the great singing years. Mixed ensemble..quartet....HMS Pinafore.....and I don't know how many people knew that he had perfect pitch. We would drive Edna Ruth Woods crazy in acapella practices by lowering the pitch of a song by about a quarter and when we did it to correct it we would raise it a quarter tone.We sat behind Nancy Lumkes and Chris Douglas and thre them off was his humorus side that we all knew and appreciated. 

12/28/15 11:33 AM #11    

Richard J Afton

I was saddened when I received the news of Doug's passing. It has been almost a lifetime ago that I spoke with Doug. Possibly at a reunion but probably throughout my junior year at OPRHS because I moved to Ohio and spent my senior year there. I have memories of double dating with Doug when neither of us was old enough to drive and had to be driven by one of our moms. An especially clear memory is one of Doug at the end of a date evening while walking his date to her door saying "Oh Well! Walkity - Walkity." Here was Doug cheerfully making a charming comment that probably summed up the evening. I do wish I had not lost touch with him because his adult life seems to have been one that I would have liked to follow. I only hope that I shall receive as many loving comments as Doug has when I pass. I shall miss Doug.

Rick Afton 



12/29/15 12:04 PM #12    

Robert West

I remember Doug's perfect pitch also.  Edna Ruth used to use him as her pitch pipe.  Doug was everyone's friend.  Truly one of the good guys.

12/31/15 06:38 PM #13    

Philip Mathews

Thanks Dick, although I missed knowing Doug well at the time he nevertheless was an inspiration to me in the ways he was so friendly, alert and alive and all his achievements in music and academics reflected his high sense of class and character.  I will not forget his approaching me after my somewhat lackluster performance in doing a cover act of Peter Paul and Mary along with my more able co-stars John Howie and Susan Roach.  It was 50 years after we had graduated that Doug and I had a conversation which I will never forget--still being star-struck by his reputation from our high school days.  

He was so kind, gentle and courteous in his comments that night, tactfully overlooking my inadequacies: thus we bonded instantly--a moment in time I will never forget.  We talked about his own substantial experience playing the 12-string guitar--a formidable instrument I also used to and still attempt to play but could not deftly handle that night due to my own physical handicaps (arthritic hands) and other technical (reverb feedback) problems.  

He was nice enough not to mention the difficulties of doing an encore 50 years after our original performance in 1963 for the Senior Follies, still exemplifying his outstanding class and character.  Doug Hunt and I became  instant Friends, 50 years after our OPRFHS graduation.  I shall miss Doug, a high school Idol of mine, with whom, 50 years later a Friendship was finally made:  Fare Thee Well, Doug Hunt!




01/09/16 09:08 AM #14    

Rob Congdon

Doug and I were good friends in grade school at Roosevelt Elementary. Many times Doug would come over for lunch. In those days, everyone went home for lunch and we all enjoyed walking as groups to our homes, with one after another leaving the group at their home. Doug and I would often linger at the end of my block to discuss science and engineering news.

Just before Christmas I got the Marshal Field Christmas Catalog and told Doug about a set of walkie-talkies that allowed someone to talk to his friend over "great distances." I had to have it. True to Doug he applied his analytical skills and said they could not sell something like that without using wires between the two walkie-talkies.

Sure enough, in small print, it said "with wires." Doug was extremely smart and was fun to do things with. He also had some interesting ideas. For a period of time he was into checking the "bumps" on the back of your head to determine how inteligent you were. He would carefully rub his fingers over the back of your neck and then declare how smart each person was. For a young kid, he was extremely diplomatic, never declaring anyone "dumb."

A final thought. Everyone will always remember the parties that the Hunt's gave: Halloween, Christmas, etc. Who cannot forget the fear of going in to see the ghost (Mr. Hunt) in their basement and shaking his icy cold right hand and his so hot left hand. Or who can forget the gathering of Christmas trees after Christmas for the bond fire at their skating party in the their back yard. It is a wonder, that the fire never got out of control.

I have such pleasant memories of doing things with Doug and his family. He was truly a good friend.

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